Shelley Launch Activities

Pool block production was pushed out 1 epoch from the original plan. This article has been updated to reflect the new dates.

  • Epoch 0 (July 29 - August 3): This is the mainnet launch of Shelley.
  • Epoch 1 (August 3 - 8): ITN rewards became available. In order to receive the first round of staking rewards, you must have delegated your stake by the end of the epoch (8/8).
  • Epoch 2 (August 8 - 13): Stake snapshot for rewards during Epoch 3 occurred at the beginning of Epoch 2.
  • Epoch 3 (August 13 - 18): Delegation is active and pools begin producing rewards. This is based on stake delegated during Epoch 1.
  • Epoch 4 (August 18 - 23): Rewards from Epoch 3 are calculated.
  • Epoch 5 (August 23 - 28): Epoch 3 rewards will be paid out - you should see your Shelley wallet balance increase.

Here is a diagram depicting the first several epochs: delegation_cycle

Important Notes

  • Yoroi will not be available for staking during Epoch 0. It has not yet been announced when you will be able to stake from Yoroi. However, you can restore a Yoroi wallet in Daedalus during Epoch 1 and be eligible to delegate your stake. (Follow our Daedalus Staking Tutorial if you need help doing this)
  • Epochs are increasing in length. On the ITN, there was a new epoch every 24 hours. On mainnet, this is increasing to 120 hours (5 days). Rewards will be paid out once per epoch (starting on Epoch 4).
  • You can begin staking tomorrow (7/29), but you have until 8/3 to do your delegation for Epoch 2, so don’t feel like you need to rush to delegation right away. You will not earn any more rewards by getting your delegation in earlier in the epoch.
  • Pools cannot begin setting up on mainnet until the hard fork on 7/29 at 21:44:51 UTC. Dylan and I will get the pool up and running ASAP, but it will likely take a couple of hours at least. You will not be able to delegate your stake until pools have registered. We will send out a message to let you know when we’re up and ready for delegation.
  • Expected return on stake (ROS) will be lower on mainnet than it was for the testnet (ITN). The exact value will change over time as the protocol is tuned, but the currently-set maximum ROS is about 4.6%.
  • Your ADA will not be “locked” when it is delegated to a pool. You will be free to spend your ADA at any time (although you will stop earning staking rewards on anything you spend).
  • You can find more details on the launch here:
  • Thank you for supporting our pool! We have been working very hard to be ready for mainnet, and we are excited to launch our pool and start paying out your staking rewards!

As always, let us know if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions. If you have questions about staking through Daedalus, check out our staking tutorial.

See you in the Shelley era!