Meet the Viper Team

Pool Operator

Dylan Crocker, Ph.D.

Hello, I’ve been a part of the Cardano community since early 2018, when I purchased some of my first ADA at over 40 cents! Ever since learning about the project, I’ve wanted to run a stake pool and help decentralize what I believe to be the best cryptocurrency project in the world. My background is electrical engineering, in which I have a Ph.D. from Georgia Tech. Through my work on high-performance electromagnetic simulations, I developed my Linux sysadmin skills. Thank you for considering the VIPER stake pool!

Pool Operator

Willie Marchetto

I received a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Engineering from Missouri University of Science and Technology and a Master of Science degree in Astronautical Engineering (with a focus in spacecraft electronics and software) from University of Southern California. I have 10 years experience in research and development of high-consequence, high-reliability space systems and have spent a great deal of time administrating Linux servers, much like the ones we use to operate our stake pools.

We value online privacy and security! That’s why we use mailvelope to sign our encrypted messages to our delegators. This way recipients can verify the authenticity of the message or prevent unauthorized access to any personal information. PGP Fingerprint: 779C 38B0 DDFD 8D1E F708 E420 D43C 3EC0 4EB6 9C69