Step 0: Make sure Daedalus is synchronized

You must be running Daedalus version 2.1.0 or greater, and it must be synchronized with the blockchain.

Step 1: Select “Add wallet” > “Restore”

On the left sidebar of the Daedalus app, select the “ITN” button.


Step 2: Select which wallet to restore your rewards to

Note: Whatever wallet you use must have enough ADA to cover the transaction fee in order to send your ITN rewards to another wallet. Your rewards cannot be spent until they are sent out of the wallet they were recovered to.


Step 3: Enter your recovery phrase

Enter the 15-word recovery phrase for your ITN wallet. This was generated when you created your wallet on the ITN.


Step 3: Enter a new spending password.

Enter a new password for this recovered wallet. (We recommend using LastPass to generate a random, strong password.)


Step 4: Success!

Your wallet should now be recovered.


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