Pool margin (variable fee) 1%
Cost per epoch (fixed fee) 340 ADA (minimum allowable)
Pledge 401,000 ADA


VIPER pools are run by a team of engineers with 20+ years’ experience operating high-reliability Linux systems. We are also software developers and blockchain experts who have produced numerous community contributions, including:

  • Catalyst-funded Cardano multi-delegation portfolio site (adafolio.com)
  • Alonzo Blue Cardano testnet operators (one of the first ten operators chosen by IOG)
  • SundaeSwap ISO operators (one of 38 operators voted for by the Cardano community)
  • Recovering lost wallet funds and rewards
  • Educational blog posts
  • NFT creators (AdaCards, Project Cosmos, Space Pirates)
  • Developed a high-performance NFT sales and distribution platform on Cardano
  • Cardano-Tools Python package
  • Original Cardano incentivized testnet (ITN) stake pool operators

For more information about our pools, please visit our ADA pools page. For an explanation of pool fees and pledge, check out our Choosing a Stake Pool page. If you have questions about anything else related to Cardano, feel free to join our Discord server or Telegram channel. Follow us on Twitter and Reddit to be notified of future posts!