Viper Staking’s mission is to provide services that enable global access to essential financial resources. By running our Cardano staking pools, we made our passion our job to revolutionize the paradigms of financial ownership and decentralize the world financial system. We also support the community by providing free, open source tools that make operating stake pools and interacting with the blockchain more accessible to everyone. If you share our vision, we’d be happy to see you stake to our pool and we in return pledge to give back to the community and supporting Cardano the best we can. Let’s push the power to the billions!

Our secure, cloud based Cardano stake pools are operated by engineering professionals with advanced degrees and over 20 years experience in research and development. Through the development of high-performance simulations and high-consequence, high-reliability hardware systems, we have spent a great deal of time administrating Linux servers, much like the ones we use to operate our stake pools. Click here learn more about the Viper Staking team.

ADA Stake Pools

Viper Stake Pool is an original Cardano incentivized testnet (ITN) staking pool. With proven high-performance and low-fee ADA stake pools, staking with us will ensure you get excellent return on your stake.

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Open Source Staking Tools

Open source staking tools that are free for use for the Cardano community, including a cardano-node docker container and a python library for interacting with the blockchain.

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